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This Week in Tech: 10th – 14th September

14th September 2018 - Duncan McClean

In this weeks roundup:

  • British Airways website hacked
  • Apple announces new iPhones and a new Generation of Apple Watches
  • Google shutting down Inbox

British Airways website hacked

After we wrote last week’s This Week in Tech roundup, news was released that British Airway’s website was hacked. The hack affected 380,000 transactions made through their website.

The breach began in August. The breach was caused by 22 lines of code, a similar attack to what happened to TicketMaster a few months back. 

Names, email addresses and bank details were amongst the information stolen.

Apple announces new iPhones and a new Generation of Apple Watches

On Wednesday, Apple announced three new iPhones and the 4th Generation of Apple Watches.

We’ve done a more detailed writeup of the event in this article.

Google shutting down Inbox

Google are shutting down their email client, Inbox after the company merged many of it’s features into the Gmail app.

However, users will have until March to switch over to the Gmail app before Google cut off the Inbox servers.

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