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Set Default Apps on Windows 10

Posted on April 21st, 2017. Written by:

When installed Windows 10 automatically has pre-set your default programs to Edge, Mail, Videos etc. All of the rubbish that is shipped with Windows 10. Sometimes we might want to change that to our own programs. That’s what this tutorial is here to do.


The first step is to open Settings, if you have the Creators Update this is really easy just right click on the Start Menu or do Start + X. Then select Settings. However if you have not got the Creators Update yet, you should be able to go to Cortana and search for ‘Settings’ and you should find what we are talking about.

Select the ‘System’ option and choose ‘Default Apps’

Now you change your defaults to your own preference. You can see I have changed my web browser to Google Chrome and my E-Mail client to Outlook.

That’s you. Nothing more to do.