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PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation VR Review

17th January 2018 - Euan Buchanan

On Black Friday I found a VR headset bundle for £250 pounds so I bought it because I knew I was getting a PlayStation 4 for Christmas. The bundle came with the Headset, Camera, Rigs, Skyrim VR and a Two Month Now TV pass.

So starting with the box of the VR headset, it was very high quality and everything inside was packaged well. I had no concerns when I opened it.

The Setup was pretty easy the instructions were very well detailed using diagrams. The packaging came with every cable you could need like HDMI.

There wasn't much set up on screen which meant that I was into games quite quickly.

Now onto the good stuff. The headset is good. It's dual screen which isn't as good as a single but still good. There is a lot of games out there but I would defiantly like to see more. I do wish that it used the movement mechanics from Xbox with it. I will recommend it to anyone but i would wait for the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales.

Euan Buchanan

Euan is Iamlittle's go to Writer for anything Gaming.

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