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What is Managed WordPress?

Posted on April 19th, 2017. Written by:

WordPress hosting comes in all shapes and sizes. Unmanaged managed. What does WordPress hosting mean if it’s managed or unmanaged? Do they write the content for me?

What does managed mean?

to take charge or care of:  – Dictionary.com

Managed WordPress means that your hosting company HostGator, for example, take care of updates and the backend maintenance of your website and the server running it.

If you have unmanaged WordPress hosting it means that your host does not take care of updates (there’s a plugin for that) and does not help with your site’s setup.

Where can I purchase Managed WP hosting?

We’ve got some recommendations.


For starting your first blog, HostGator have the perfect Starter plan for you at nearly $6 a month. They do all the updates, backups and migration from your previous web host if that’s something that you need to be done.


1&1 is as cheap as dirt! It’s less than £1 a month. 1and1 are the host that as of writing Iamlittle Tech is using. I would recommend them for starting a new website or blog.