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How to Get Sky TV for LESS!

Posted 24 February 2017

Sky TV is great. You get world class Sports Coverage, all the latest films and some great TV. It is just a shame you have to pay such a ridiculous price for it! Well, after a lot of research I may have found a way to get it for much LESS! Take a look at […]


Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet Overview

Posted 20 December 2016

Recently, I purchased an Amazon Fire tablet after my previous tablet was getting old and quite outdated. Really all a tablet needs to be for me is a device that can run some productivity apps like Google Keep and some lightweight games like Minecraft or Flow Free. The unboxing experience was pleasant. No nasty surprises! Just […]


FlashAir – Wireless Camera Companion

Posted 7 November 2016

Recently it was my birthday and I received a Flash Air SD Card. I really like it. You might be going “What? Do you like an SD card? Out of all things”. In this article, I will tell you why the Flash Air is different and will be the SD card of the future. First […]


Making the switch from Netflix to NowTV

Posted 4 April 2016

Recently, I have had to make the move from using Netflix to the NowTV Box. I have only used both of these services on a TV either with my current set-top box(youview – BT Edition) on a separate box altogether. The Switch The setup process of the NowTV box is fairly easy. You only have […]


One Month with the Sony Cybershot H400

Posted 25 January 2016

One month ago it was Christmas day, and for my Christmas, I got a Camera. Now it wasn’t any camera. It was a Sony. When Sony comes to camera’s even on their mobile devices they are topping it off. This camera was the same quality, boasting with 20.1 megapixels and a fantastic optical zoom of […]


The ease of Imaging with Win32 DiskImager

Posted 7 January 2016

Recently, I have been looking at Imaging OS Systems on my Raspberry Pi. Whilst I was looking, I found this program and I find it really useful for imaging ISO’s. The project that can be downloaded here, features a really nice and intuitive user interface to make imaging just that little bit easier. The tool […]


Free Alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop

Posted 13 December 2015

Now if you are like me you probably want to be able to edit your pictures and the first thing we think of is Photoshop as the brand of photo-editing. Just like when you think of a vacuum cleaner you think of a Hoover. Well as Photoshop costs more than like £100 (well, at least […]


The power of a credit card sized Linux based computer

Posted 12 October 2015

The Raspberry Pi is a small credit card sized computer that runs a distribution of the open-source Linux operating system. Since August, I have had a Raspberry Pi computer. And I have started using the device and I am going to tell you about what I think about it. Personally, I have been using the Raspberry […]


Office 2016: Is it worth upgrading?

Posted 25 September 2015

I can’t see any noticeable changes from the previous version of  Office. Although, Microsoft is hoping that the update is a difference. One of the things that I saw in a Microsoft video on their YouTube channel is that they actually have added collaborating within the Office Client. Before, the only way that I knew […]