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5 Awesome Tech Presents for Christmas

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5 Awesome Tech Presents for Christmas

Published on 11 November 2017 by Duncan McClean.

Christmas is fast approaching and it's about time you think about buying presents for friends and family. We've gathered a list of 5 awesome tech items to give to your friends this christmas.

From Amazon Press Room

Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo or an Echo Dot are great presents for anyone. Just ask it to play your favourite music or tell you the news headlines.


Anker PowerCore

In a world where everyone is always using their mobile phone, a mobile phone battery backup is essential. It's easy to fit in your pocket.

Buy from Anker

TP-Link Powerline

Most people have patchy or slow WiFi in some parts of their house. That's why you need a Powerline. Plug in one of them into your router via a network cable and then setup another one somewhere else in your house and ta-da, stronger WiFi.

Buy on Amazon
Amazon Fire 7"

Amazon Fire

The Amazon Fire is pretty much the cheapest and most reliable Android tablet out there in my opinion. You can get them on Amazon for £49. 

Tile Pro


Everyone whether you admit it or not has lost their keys at least once. With a Tile, you can never loose your keys. With an App on your phone you can find your keys, and with your keys you can find your phone.

Shop for a Tile

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